Teeth Whitening

If you are not happy about the colour of your teeth, you don’t have to live with it.

Whitening your teeth at home is a simple and cost effective way of making your smile brighter and more youthful. Just call our friendly team on 01189 664919 we’ll be glad to arrange for you to discuss the process with our experienced clinicians.

What can you expect from teeth whitening treatment?

You can expect to be asked about your expectations and wishes before you proceed. We’ll be sure to let you know what can be achieved, after which we’ll take an impression of your teeth to allow for the manufacture of a set of personalised ‘trays’ which fit easily and comfortably over your teeth.

You’ll get all the instruction you need to apply the whitening gel to the trays. Plus we’ll give you some great advice on how you can minimise any sensitivity and what foodstuffs it would be better to avoid during whitening. So you’ll be all set up to begin the process.

You can normally expect to wear your trays overnight for two to three weeks, depending on the amount of whitening you wish to achieve. Some lightening of teeth is usually apparent after just two days of whitening. It’s really easy!

Once you have achieved the shade you are looking for, you’ll be able to compare it and celebrate the results against our record of the shade you started with.

Home whitening in conjunction with short term orthodontics can sometimes be an alternative to veneers and crowns in producing a straight bright smile and is healthier for your teeth.

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