“My lower front teeth had become loose due to the deterioration of my gums. I felt genuinely stressed about the prospect of losing my teeth and needing false replacements.
However, Ann showed me much care and concern which helped me feel so much better. She really treated me as an individual and our discussions regarding all the various options and the recommendations she made were really useful.

After consideration, I decided the bridge work she proposed was the way forward for me.

I was nervous that my new bridge would be obvious and make me look different and at first it wasn’t quite right but after some discussions with Ann and modifications by the laboratory all my concerns were resolved.

After the treatment it was such a relief to be able to eat without fear of my teeth falling out again! I was also very relieved to see that you could not tell I had had dental work carried out.

I am very pleased that I had the work done and am now back to how I felt before the saga started.

I would recommend anyone with gum disease to consider every form of treatment possible. You can really feel confident of the skill and approach the Haven team takes to your dental problems.”

Diane, Cookham

“I had a tooth extracted in June 2014 and decided to think about my options for filling the space for a few months. The team at Haven discussed each option with me carefully and also gave me a full information sheet outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each.

I read the information many times and each time I came to the same conclusion that a permanent infill was the best course of action.

Dr Richard Oliver placed the implant in my gum in November 2014. He explained each step as he performed it. I felt no pain just a little pressure and was very confident that he was in full control of the procedure.

I had a numbness in my gum for a few hours afterwards but no pain when that wore off. I expected to be uncomfortable but was pleasantly surprised that there was very little swelling or bruising and after a few days I was back to normal.

I am so pleased I did it. I have no regrets. My implant and new crown feels like a totally natural tooth and I give it no thought.

I was most definitely recommend implants to others. It sounds an expensive option but it is a permanent one and will be with me for as long as I live (hopefully quite some time!)

The care and sensitivity of the surgeon and Haven dental practice team has been wonderful. At no point have I felt unaware of what is being done or in any pain or discomfort.

All my questions were answered in as much detail as I needed. I would recommend that anyone with a gap considers this option. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Joan Campbell, Lower Earley

“Prior to my whitening treatment, I felt every time I was speaking to somebody face-to-face their eyes would move to looking at the brown mark on my front tooth, which was disconcerting.
The team at Haven really discussed all the options open to me to whiten my teeth and having decided to go ahead, the process from start to finish took five to six months. It was never painful and I felt really supported through the process.

Immediately after the treatment had finished I just thought “WOW! I have white teeth!” It was a great moment.

Now I feel a lot more confident and would certainly recommend the treatment – my only regret is that I didn’t have it sooner!

The experience really was excellent overall.”

Matt, Earley

“I had a gap in my teeth for many years which I was very aware of.
Ann, the dentist at Haven, explained about a type of bridge, quite small, which would fill the gap for me.

This option was explained to me in detail which meant I could make an informed decision to go ahead. I was also assured that I would be able to have an input into the final result which was very comforting.

The taking of the mould was quick and painless. There were no problems and I had the opportunity to try the bridge and request some slight adjustments before the technician completed it.

I am very pleased I had this done as it has enabled me to smile less self-consciously. I would certainly recommend the treatment to others.”

Keith, Earley

“My teeth were overcrowded and I can see they were getting worse with age which concerned me. I decided to get them sorted.
The Haven team provided me with a range of options. I was given full details about all of them so I could consider my decision on which way to go.

The cost, time duration of treatment and the fact that it was a removable brace made me choose the Inman Aligner.

There was some mild discomfort during the first two days of wearing my brace but that didn’t last.

The overall experience was very positive. I could adapt wearing the brace to my work schedule and it caused minimum disruption to my life. The haven team were friendly and helpful and made the entire experience comfortable and uncomplicated.

The straightening process has been a success in my opinion. I’m glad I had the treatment and now feel better about my smile.”

Grace, Earley

“I was feeling self-conscious about my smile as one of my front teeth was protruding and seemed to be ‘moving’ very slightly. I decided to consider treatment as I know that your teeth can move as you get older and I didn’t want this to continue.

Ann Carter, my dentist spent a great deal of time explaining fully to me the pros/cons, costs and treatment time of having a metal (or invisible) brace, or invisible retainers. I was able to view a simulation on the PC of the end result with the retainers, which was amazing!

I weighed up the pros/cons of both options. Wearing a brace in my 60s didn’t appeal to me and I know they can be uncomfortable. I decided on retainers as these are discreet and practically invisible, which you can remove for eating and teeth cleaning.

I had impressions made of my teeth. These were sent away to have the retainers made. I had appointments at my dentist every 3 weeks or so and was given the next retainer to wear. These gradually realigned my front teeth. After wearing the final retainer for 3 weeks, I had a final appointment to check that my teeth were level and then had to decide on a ‘permanent retainer’. This is because your teeth can still move as you get older. This could either have been a small metal wire fixed behind the teeth or another retainer which would be worn for most of the day for a year then just at night time and eventually just 2-3 times a week at night time. I opted for the permanent retainer for the same reasons as choosing the aligning retainers – it is removable for teeth cleaning but you do have to be committed to wear it!

After the process was complete, I felt wonderful. I am thrilled with my teeth and smile. When I look back on previous photographs, I really notice the protruding tooth! I would definitely recommend invisible retainers to anyone – it is a painless way of realigning ones teeth.

I am so glad I made the decision to have treatment. The whole experience was a short treatment time, discreet, comfortable and pain free!”

Sheila, Earley

“When I was young, I was kicked in the teeth by a horse.

It left me with a chipped front tooth which had also got quite yellow in colour over time.

It made me quite self-conscious about smiling and I didn’t want to carry on feeling that way. I didn’t want to have to worry about the chip in my front tooth any more.

I elected to have the tooth bleached, actually having all my teeth bleached in the end as they were all a bit discoloured. Ann then built up the chipped tooth.

She is careful to explain everything so it’s very easy to understand and I felt reassured throughout the treatment. It was all as comfortable as possible.

I really feel very happy now. It has made me less self-conscious which is wonderful.

I moved to another area after 30 years visiting Ann at Haven as I grew up, and decided to try a more local dentist. After one visit I realised how much better Ann is and came back to the practice.

Thank you very much to Ann and her team!”