Smile gallery

Crowns & Bridge

Patient with old, discoloured upper crowns and large space upper right. We advised tooth whitening, replaced old crowns and then restored the space with a bridge.

Teeth Whitening

This patient had severely discoloured upper front tooth after sustaining an accident many years ago. As tooth was non vital the colour was improved by using internal / external whitening

The discolouration on this patient’s front tooth was removed and his whole smile enhanced through teeth whitening.

Porcelain Onlay

These are photos taken of a broken tooth and afterwards restored with a porcelain onlay.

Porcelain Veneers

Before treatment of a discoloured front tooth and afterwards restored with a porcelain veneer

Inman Aligner

Patient did not like appearance of uneven upper front teeth & chipped central incisor
Appearance after upper Inman Aligner, whitening and repair of chipped incisor

This patient had an overcrowded smile which was getting worse with age before going ahead with a removable Inman Aligner brace.

This patient was feeling increasingly self-conscious about her protruding front tooth. A removable, invisible brace was fitted to create a straight smile which the patient is now ‘thrilled with’.


Patient had old, worn upper denture with a couple of teeth broken off and a missing lower front tooth. As a result he was embarrassed to smile widely.
After treatment with a new upper denture and lower missing tooth replaced

Maryland Bridge

Photos of restoring a missing lower front tooth with a Maryland bridge

This patient had loose front teeth due to gum deterioration. This worrying situation was resolved through the design and fitting of a specialist Maryland Bridge.

Dental Implants

A permanent solution was provided for this patient’s gap, in the form of a dental implant and crown.

Composite Build up

This patient had been kicked by a horse when she was young which had chipped her tooth. The tooth had subsequently become discoloured. A combination of bleaching and building up her chipped tooth has left her with a confident and bright smile

Patient feeback after treatment:


  • How were you feeling prior to the treatment? – Self-conscious about smiling!
  • What made you want to consider the treatment? – Didn’t want to have to worry about smiling.
  • What did you think of the treatment options recommended to you and the way in which they were recommended? – Excellent, Ms Carter explains everything so that it’s very easy to understand.


  • Describe your experience of having the treatment? – Felt very reassured the whole time – everything was explained clearly and was made as comfortable as possible.


  • How did you feel immediately after the treatment? – The treatment exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t see where the chip in my tooth has been replaced.

On reflection

  • How do you feel now about having treatment? – Very Happy
  • How has it affected your life? – Made me less self-conscious!
  • Would you recommend the treatment to others? Definitely
  • How would you summarise your experience overall? – I moved to another area after 30 years growing up going to Ann Carter for dentist treatment and decided to try a more local dentist – after one visit I realised how much better Ann was and came back to Haven Dental Practice! Thank you very much!