How hygiene support works for you

Your mouth contains millions of bacteria which quickly multiply to produce plaque – a film of bacteria which sticks to the surface of your teeth.

Plaque hardens as it combines with minerals in your saliva to form tartar. Once tartar has formed in your mouth, it can only be removed by your hygienist.

Also, if plaque is allowed to build up on your teeth, the bacteria it contains produces toxins which start to inflame your gums. This leads to the early stage of gum disease called ‘gingivitis’, when your gums are red, swollen and bleed when you brush your teeth.

Without treatment gingivitis develops into full blown gum disease which involves loss of the supporting tissue around your teeth and eventually can lead to your teeth falling out.

So you can sense how important it is for you and your family to maintain healthy gums and remove plaque from your teeth.

Regular, effective plaque removal is the best way to prevent the build-up of tartar and protect your gums from disease.

Anna Stachlinska - Hygienist

This is where we come in!

We remove both hard and soft plaque from your teeth. You’ll find we remove it gently and with care, so it is a comfortable experience for you.

More importantly, we can help you improve your skills and techniques in brushing every surface of your teeth, so that your homecare regime is really effective in between visits to see us.

Just call the practice on 0118 966 4919 and our friendly reception will be pleased to book your hygiene session for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Diane, Anna and Gail
Haven Dental Hygienist Team

Did you know you can now see a dental hygienist without being referred by a dentist?

Historically, the General Dental Council insisted on the public visiting a dental hygienist after seeing a dentist who would ‘prescribe’ the need for hygiene care.

This rule has now been relaxed which means you can take the opportunity to visit one of our friendly hygienists to check the health of your gums, benefit from a through clean of your mouth as well as their advice on your dental homecare regime.

Call us on 0118 966 4919 to book your appointment and ensure you keep a healthy mouth for life.

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